Activate Now – Unity House

Jun 2, 2014

This is the second stop of the Marching On project for the Hernd0n Gallery's current exhibition Unpacking the Archives: Frameworks for Change--Activate Now! The final picture in the above slideshow is a map showing all of the stops on this tour of activism. 

As the civil rights movement evolved into the Black Power movement, Antioch College made an effort to address the changes that the movement presented. The Rockefeller Program. The Antioch Program for Interracial Education. New Directions. These are all names for the same effort: former Antioch President James Dixon’s initiative to bring underrepresented students to Antioch’s campus. Just as this program developed, federal funding was cut, and students brought to the college through the program could no longer afford to attend, which resulted in the infamous strike of 1973.

On April 23 1973 civil rights leader Dr. Ralph Abernathy gave a speech at Antioch speaking to students in support of the strike. Below is an audio clip from that speech.