Activate Now – The Stoop

Jun 2, 2014

This is the fifth stop of the Marching On project for the Hernd0n Gallery's current exhibition Unpacking the Archives: Frameworks for Change--Activate Now! The final picture in the above slideshow is a map showing all of the stops on this tour of activism.

This is the place you caught up with friends and fellow students. The Antioch College Student Union was the hub of Antioch’s campus right up until it’s closing in 2008. The C-Shop, bookstore, The Record office, caf, Womyn’s Center, were located here, and it was the site of WYSO until 1995. On the steps of the Union, students were rallied to many causes, and assemblies such as International Women’s Day.

In 1973 WYSO covered the events of International Women’s day at Antioch, below is an audio clip from that coverage.