Activate Now – Red Square

Jun 2, 2014

This is the third stop of the Marching On project for the Hernd0n Gallery's current exhibition Unpacking the Archives: Frameworks for Change--Activate Now! The final picture in the above slideshow is a map showing all of the stops on this tour of activism.

The site of Friday night folk dances, this area nestled between North Hall and Main Building was also the location of rallies and gatherings. Kelly Hall, the Main Building auditorium, housed concerts, films, and lectures. Some well known activists have spoken there, including Coretta Scott King.

But at Antioch, the act of teaching is activism in and of itself, and College faculty have long provided examples of activism for students to emulate. Michael Kraus was a young professor of English in 1969 when he gave a talk on the making of a draft resister for the Community Lecture Series. Below is an audio clip from Kraus’s talk.