Activate Now – The March Concludes…And Yet It Continues

Jun 2, 2014

This is the eighth and final stop of the Marching On project for the Hernd0n Gallery's current exhibition Unpacking the Archives: Frameworks for Change--Activate Now! The final picture in the above slideshow is a map showing all of the stops on this tour of activism.

The march of September 22, 1963 ended here on the lawn of what was then the village’s Municipal Building. Walter Anderson, Antioch College’s first African American professor, sang We Shall Overcome, the anthem of the civil rights movement. Local ministers offered solemn prayers, and the editor of the Yellow Springs News, Kieth Howard, introduced the invited speaker, Dayton Daily News editor Jim Fain. In an address that sounds as pertinent today as it did over 50 years ago, Fain called for courage, persistence, and perseverance in the struggle for racial equality.

Below is an audio clip of Walter Anderson singing We Shall Overcome and Jim Fain speaking at the march's conclusion.

Yellow Springs and Antioch College have a combined legacy of activism, of speaking up and speaking out; it is a long and proud one. But the work continues today on so many fronts: prison reform, climate change, income inequality…

March on.