How To Get Help: An Opioid Addiction Resource Guide

Apr 11, 2018
The Your Voice Ohio initiative brings together Ohioans from all walks of life, to brainstorm homegrown solutions to the opioid crisis.
Jess Mador / WYSO

WYSO is a partner in the Southwest Ohio Your Voice Ohio project. It's a collaborative effort to produce more relevant, powerful journalism based on the needs and ambitions of Ohioans and Ohio communities.

Your Voice Ohio is an initiative of WYSO and more than 30 news organizations across the state. We’re beginning with the opioid epidemic and will let the public guide us from there.

Antioch College

Antioch College staff and faculty are facing salary cuts and furloughs, as the Yellow Springs liberal arts institution struggles with a revenue shortfall this fiscal year.

College President Tom Manley announced the changes at a series of campus meetings Thursday.

Manley told staff and faculty the Antioch College Planning and Finance Committee recommendations are the first step in a “multiphase” process needed to ensure the college’s longterm financial stability.

WYSO will add a new locally hosted music program to its lineup on Monday, March 5.  Equinox, which takes its name from the classic John Coltrane composition, is a weekly, three-hour jazz radio show. Each Monday night, host Duante Beddingfield will lead listeners on a journey through straight-ahead jazz, from classic tracks to the latest releases, including local musicians, obscure performers, and artists from all over the world putting their own unique stamp on the music.

Annette Elizabeth Allen for NPR

President Trump is delivering his State of the Union address to Congress, which will be followed by a response from the Democratic Party. Journalists across the NPR newsroom will be annotating those remarks, adding fact-checks and analysis in real time. 

Hi friends,

As you know, we made a change to our Saturday morning line-up this fall when we put Dinner Party Download on at 10 AM, where Car Talk was heard for years.

We didn’t know it when we signed up, but we learned in late October that Dinner Party Download from APM is ending its run.  We’re bummed.  We don’t like changing programs this fast, but we have no choice.

Luckily, we’re in a golden age of radio creativity.  A new generation is making great programs and there are several really good choices.

Annette Elizabeth Allen for NPR

Tech giants are testifying before Congress this week about Russian efforts to spread disinformation in the U.S. Representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google, along with two national security analysts, will speak with lawmakers about ways that Russia has used the social media platforms.

Wednesday afternoon, social media representatives testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Stream the hearing below.

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Soon we will make two program changes to our Saturday schedule.

As you may know, Tom Magliozzi, one the two brothers who hosted Car Talk on NPR passed away  three years ago.  With his brother Ray, they began their national radio show in 1987.  Since Tom’s passing, NPR has distributed “The Best of Car Talk.

Starting this fall, there will be no new “Car Talk”  programs, so instead of continuing to air re-runs on WYSO, we’ve decided to put a new program in its place.

Q&A on GOP Health Care Bill

Jul 11, 2017

This week, Republicans in Congress will try to rally votes behind a bill that proposes major changes to the way Americans get health care and how much they pay. Governor John Kasich has expressed concern about how this bill would affect Ohioans, particularly low-income residents and people who depend on Medicaid for their health care.  The Kasich administration has estimated as many as 500,000 Ohioans could lose their healthcare under the bill.  Use this Q&A to explore how the bill would affect you.

U.S. Capitol
Architect of the Capitol / Flickr Creative Commons

Wednesday was another big day of testimony before two Congressional committees investigating Russian attempts to influence the 2016 Presidential election. Notably, former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson (under President Obama) appeared before the House Intelligence Committee. Members of Congress quizzed Johnson on the details of widespread Russian cyber-attacks that targeted U.S. elections systems last year, and so-called "active measures," a Russian information warfare strategy which includes spreading falsehoods. 

U.S. Capitol
Architect of the Capitol / Flickr Creative Commons

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee in an open hearing on Tuesday. Senators asked about his recusal from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and what if anything he knew about President Trump reportedly asking former FBI Director James Comey to ease off the inquiry into onetime national security adviser Michael Flynn.