Stephen Smith

Engineer/Executive Producer, Simply Trivia

Steve has been an on-air volunteer at WYSO since 1993. He hosted the Tuesday night version of Alternate Takes, a jazz show, for many years. Later, he served as local host of the Sunday morning Weekend Edition from 1998 until 2005. In 1996, he was offered the opportunity to be the engineer/executive producer of the long-running trivia show, which he named "Simply Trivia"

Simply Trivia

Our monthly live, call-in game show is one of the oldest, continually aired program on WYSO. We ask trivia questions on various subjects, and listeners are invited to call the station and attempt to answer them. Correct answers earn points; with the highest totals earning entry in the “showdown round”, with the winner awarded Trivia Team of the Month. Station archives indicate a trivia show began in 1972, with an Antioch student (going by the name “Dr. Octopus”) hosting. This continued for a couple of years, and when “Dr. Octopus” graduated, our long time Blues show host, Art Snider, took over. Art hosted the trivia show right after his weekly Blues program.