Sarah Buckingham

Community Voices Coordinator

Sarah's been listening to public radio since she was in the womb. She grew up in central Ohio and came to the Miami Valley to study Philosophy & Media Arts at Antioch College. Some of her previous radio experience includes Prometheus Radio Project in Philadelphia, PA, and Brattleboro Community Radio in Southern Vermont. Back in 2009, Sarah studied radio production at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland Maine. She's happy to be back in Ohio where she's been WYSO's Community Voices Coordinator since 2010.


Election 2012
6:29 am
Wed November 7, 2012

OHIO SENATE RACE -- Incumbent Brown Defeats Mandel

In the Ohio race, incumbent Sherrod Brown defeated Republican State Treasurer Josh Mandel.

Former Dayton Daily News editor Ellen Belcher says when Mandel decided to run against Brown, not many people gave him a chance - but when money started pouring in, the tide started turning.

"Its been up and down and there were moments when people thought Sherrod Brown could actually lose this. I think this is one of those times where those who think that money can't buy an election are proven right," says Belcher.

WYSO Programming Notes
3:40 pm
Tue October 16, 2012

Groundwork: Democracy Close To Home

This week on the Sunday Documentary Hour, an election special hosted by NPR's Scott Simon called Groundwork: Democracy Close to Home from The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

At a time of political gridlick and polarization at the national level, Groundwork explores the tone and flavor of democratic action in towns and cities, where one’s antagonist is not an opposing talking-head or a politician from a state of a different “color,” but a neighbor.

Stories in this hour include:

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WYSO Programming Notes
3:22 pm
Mon October 1, 2012

The Power and Politics of New Energy Frontiers

This week on the Sunday Documentary Hour, another installment of BURN: An Energy Journal. Earlier in this series we've heard about nuclear power and the hunt for oil. Now, BURN's host Alex Chadwick examines how, in this election season, a single person, place, or policy can – with a boost from science –   affect the nation’s search for greater energy independence. President Barack Obama and his opponent, Mitt Romney, share one broad policy goal – greater energy independence for the United States. But, they differ on how to achieve it.

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Around the Miami Valley
11:17 am
Mon September 24, 2012

2012 Community Voices Special (Pt. 2)

Kristen Wicker interviewing Alexis Larsen during a Community Voices Saturday Seminar.
Sarah Buckingham

This is the second installment of WYSO's 2012 Community Voices Special. From memories of your first car to man caves, funk music, and a local slasher flick - this hour is full of radio stories by, for, and about the Miami Valley, produced in this year's training course.

Around the Miami Valley
3:50 pm
Mon September 17, 2012

2012 Community Voices Special (Pt. 1)

Front row, left to right: Will Davis, WYSO General Manager Neenah Ellis, Jennifer Carlson, WYSO Community Voices Coordinator Sarah Buckingham. Middle: Mark Babb, Tracy Staley, Judy Whelley, Kristen Wicker. Back: Alexis Larsen, Alan Staiger, Basim Blunt.
Dennie Eagleson

Community Voices is all about getting more local voices on the radio. WYSO's training program turns listeners into producers. This hour, we’ll hear stories produced in the training and some new pieces that have yet to hit the airwaves.