Niki Dakota

Music Director and Host, Excursions

Born a Hoosier, but only living there in spurts, Niki Dakota spent much of her young life moving around the United States with her archeologist mother. Throughout these years, there was always a ukulele somewhere close at hand. By the time the family settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ms. Dakota found herself in pursuit of professional music-making as she headed-up the Alterna-Folk band, Plow On Boy. In the course of her first live radio interview to promote the band, Niki’s keen excitedness manifest itself in extreme chattiness. At the conclusion of the segment, the DJ closed the mic and said, “You need to be in radio."  That was in 1990.

In 2002, Niki’s radio career brought her to WYSO where she continues to enjoy a love of music and shares that love with the Miami Valley weekdays on Excursions.


11:44 am
Thu May 23, 2013

Mike and Ruthy Live on Excursions

Mike and Ruthy

Mike and Ruthy are a duo from West Hurley, New York. They made a stop at WYSO on their tour back across the country and chat with Niki Dakota about their music, shared connections and the joys of touring with their five year old and eleven month old children.

Mike and Ruthy's latest album is titled NYCEP. You can learn more about Mike and Ruthy and listen to their music on their website, You can can also visit their Facebook page.

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2:20 pm
Fri May 17, 2013

Excursions hosts Father/Son duo Joe & Jack Waters

Today Joe and Jack Waters joined Niki Dakota in the performance studio. They will be performing at Big Brews and Blues, a fundraiser to benefit Diabetes Dayton, tonight in Dayton. 

It's been five years since Joe and Jack Waters came onto Exursions to talk about their newly released album, 10 + 50. Back then, Joe was only ten years old. The father/son duo has continued to work together and expanded their sound to include Joe on the guitar and vocals. 

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12:10 pm
Thu May 16, 2013

Brett Newski and the Corruption on Excursions

Today Brett Newski and the Corruption came on Excursions for a preview of their performance tonight at Blind Bob's. Brett Newski and the Corruption are Brett on guitar and vocals, Matt on drums, Jeff playing the bass, Mark on electric guitar. 

The band originates from Saigon, Vietnam and are making this stop in Dayton on their two month tour in the United States.  

Brett Newski and the Corruption will be performing tonight at Blind Bob's in Dayton. To learn more visit

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2:24 pm
Mon May 13, 2013

Wolf Cryer Live on Exursions

Today Wolf Cryer joined Niki Dakota on Excursions to talk about his upcoming performances and, of course, to give a preview performance in the studio. Wolf Cryer is originally from St. Louis Missouri and has been living in Cincinnati for the last 7 years. He will be performing at Taffy's of Eaton Ohio on May 15th and at Ghostlight Coffee in Dayton on May 25th. 

To learn more about Wolf Cryer, visit his webpage

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4:41 pm
Fri May 10, 2013

Sideshow Preview on Excursions

Excursions was so excited to get to preview the Sideshow in the studio this morning. Jeff Opt and Erin Vasconcelos, the organizers for event were on hand to talk about the music, the art and the fun that is this 8th annual art community event. Also there were A Shade of Red (Georgia Goad and Sean Pennington) and Repeating Arms (Harold on guitar, Ira on mandolin and Max on banjo), two of the bands that will be performing in the Sideshow this weekend. 

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