Nicky Illiopolis

Host - Jazz Forward

Nicky Illiopolis has dj'd for years - (as Poppa Hopp and Nicky Ill), spinning jazz/breaks/funk/drum & bass/old school hip hop. He owned and operated the Battersea Park Music label with good friends, Altered Vibes.  He also produced one hip hop EP with RJD2 as "The Dirty Birds," and released RJD2's first ever solo record as a UK 12" single - "Here's What's Left."  Nicky Illiopolis currently lives in Dayton, Ohio.

Jazz Forward

It's a non-traditional jazz show, more about a feel and a groove than strict guidelines or arguments about "what is jazz?" That can't be answered, and Jazz Forward doesn't try - it just lays out 3-hours of great music every week that hopefully makes you dance a bit, think a bit and maybe even cry a bit. Isn't music lovely?