Jo Ingles (Ohio Public Radio)

Jo Ingles is an award-winning journalist who began her career in Louisville, Kentucky in the mid 80’s. Through the years, she’s worked in both radio and television as a reporter and production assistant. She’s assisted in the production of a presidential debate for ABC Television news, reported for a major commercial radio station in Louisville, and then came back to her native Ohio to begin working at the WOSU Stations in Columbus Ohio in 1989 to begin a long resume of work in public radio.

After working for more than a decade as a general assignment reporter at WOSU-AM, Jo was hired by the Ohio Public Radio/TV News Bureau where she’s worked for the past 11 years. She’s covered everything from tax hikes to Supreme Court proceedings to educational policies. Jo lives in southern Delaware county with her husband Roger and two children.

About 600 backers of President Obama gathered at a union hall in downtown Columbus yesterday to hear Vice President Joe Biden explain Ohio is adding manufacturing jobs now because of President Obama’s bold decision to bail out the American auto industry. Biden said the President has bet on Ohio and America and says it’s paying off with gains in manufacturing jobs. But when comes to betting on America, Biden said it’s fair to question Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s record at his financial firm, Bain Capital.

Democrats, along with President Obama’s re-election campaign, have filed a federal lawsuit against Ohio to try to reinstate the three days of early in person voting before Election day.

In 2008, 93 thousand Ohioans voted in Ohio in the three days before the election.  Since then, Republican lawmakers have wiped out the 3 day window for most Ohioans. Only military members and their families can now take advantage of that opportunity.  Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern says that’s not right.

The National Transportation Safety Board continues to investigate the train derailment in Columbus yesterday. Most of the people who were evacuated yesterday have returned to their homes.

National Transportation Safety Board Member Earl Waynur says the train appeared to have a clear signal when it went into the area where cars derailed.  And Waynur says preliminary reports show speed was not a factor.

Last week, President Obama issued an executive order that gives young people who were brought into the country as young children and have lived here all of their lives some protection against deportation. Now a couple of Ohio Senators want to take that a step further in Ohio. Democratic State Senator Charleta Tavares explains her legislation to make college more affordable for children of undocumented immigrants.

Now that Governor Kasich has signed a bill into law that repeals a law he signed and Republican lawmakers approved last year, the next move will likely be a court battle.  Democrats, who were successful in getting nearly 400 thousand valid petition signatures to put the repeal on the fall ballot, say they will sue to keep it on the ballot.  The Democrats argue this is not a straight repeal because the early in person voting the weekend before the election has not been restored.  Republicans who approved the bill last year say they’ve voted to repeal it this year because they want to take co

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is suing C.T.I. Group for calling Ohio customers who were on the National Do Not Call Registry and for violating Ohio’s consumer laws.  DeWine says the company, which sells trading and investment software, repeatedly called customers who were on the list or who had asked not to be called.

Majority Republicans in the Ohio House were ready to vote on a bill that would have repealed the controversial election law, but at the last minute, that repeal legislation was pulled from consideration.

Democrats in the Ohio legislature are angry about a proposal that’s been slipped into a budget adjustment bill. The proposal would strip away money from Planned Parenthoods throughout Ohio.

The Ohio Republican Party is returning to familiar leadership. As expected, former long time Chairman Bob Bennett has officially been sworn in to that post earlier today.

The group that backed the state’s ban on same sex marriage back in 2004 has filed a lawsuit….asking the state’s highest court to invalidate petitions to overturn that law.