Jerry Kenney

Host, All Things Considered and Producer, WYSO Weekend

Jerry Kenney was introduced to WYSO by a friend and within a year of first tuning in became an avid listener and supporter. He began volunteering at the station in 1991 and began hosting Alpha Rhythms in February of 1992. Jerry joined the WYSO staff in 2007 as a host of All Things Considered and soon transitioned into hosting Morning Edition. In addition to now hosting All Things Considered, Jerry is the host and producer of WYSO Weekend, WYSO's weekly news and arts magazine. He has also produced several radio dramas for WYSO in collaboration with local theater companies. Jerry has won several Ohio AP awards as well as an award from PRINDI for his work with the WYSO news department. Jerry says that the best part of his job is being able to talk to people in the community and share their experiences with WYSO listeners.


7:04 pm
Wed June 26, 2013

SCOTUS Shoots Down Key Provision of DOMA

With the Supreme Court’s affirmation that the federal government cannot discriminate against married couples of the same sex, a key provision of The Defense of Marriage Act, those couples residing in Ohio should now be eligible for the same federal benefits and programs available to heterosexual married couples - tax breaks, pension rights and other benefits.

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Around the Miami Valley
10:30 am
Mon June 24, 2013

WYSO Weekend: June 23, 2013

Full episode of WYSO Weekend for June 23, 2013 including the following stories:

- Clark County Townships Oppose Recreational Designation for Mad River, by Wayne Baker

- Jerry Kenney speaks with Mike McKinney of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services about recent veterans issues in the news.

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Around the Miami Valley
10:35 am
Mon June 17, 2013

WYSO Weekend: June 16, 2013

Full episode of WYSO Weekend for June 16, 2013 including the following the stories:

- Jerry Kenney wraps up the week's news.

- PoliticsOhio: Striking A Balance: Privacy Rights Verses Security, by Emily McCord

- WYSO Development Director Luke Dennis talks about StoryCorps founder Dave Isay's upcoming visit to the Miami Valley.

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8:35 am
Fri June 14, 2013

Congressman Introduces Bill to Prohibit Misuse of IRS Funds

Republican Congressman Mike turner has introduced a bill that would prohibit the IRS from misusing funds.  the legislation comes after it was discovered that the IRS spent $50 million on over 200 conferences during the past two years.

At a hearing last week, Turner says he uncovered the practice of misusing funds when IRS officials were questioned about an expensive conference that recently made headlines when videos surfaced of IRS employees lines dancing and engaging in video parodies.

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Around the Miami Valley
10:35 am
Mon June 10, 2013

WYSO Weekend: June 9, 2013

Joe Radelet, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sister of the Greater Miami Valley
Credit Jerry Kenney

Full episode of WYSO Weekend for June 9, 2013 including the following stories:

- Jerry Kenney wraps up the week's news

- Jerry Kenney speaks with Joe Radelet of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Miami Valley about his organization

- A Local Paratroop's D-Day Story, by aviation commentator Dan Patterson

- ReInvention Stories: Murphie Frazier

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