The Two-Way
9:15 am
Fri August 19, 2011

VIDEO: Third Haboob Of Summer Covers Phoenix In Sand And Dust

The area around Phoenix was hit by its third "haboob" of the summer last evening, as strong winds sent a huge cloud of sand and dust rolling over the area.

The Arizona Republic says that "blowing dust blanketed much of the Valley ... reducing visibility to less than a quarter-mile."

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Shots - Health Blog
9:06 am
Fri August 19, 2011

Buzz Kill: Marijuana Genome Sequenced For Health, Not Highs

The scientists who sequenced the marijuana plant say they hope the next generation of pot will have stronger therapeutic compounds.

Originally published on Tue August 23, 2011 11:42 am

Stoners and scientists alike may be stoked to learn that a startup biotech company has completed the DNA sequence of Cannabis sativa, or marijuana. But here's something that could ruin a high: The company hopes the data will help scientists breed pot plants without much THC, the mind-altering chemical in the plant. The goal is instead to maximize other compounds that may have therapeutic benefits.

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9:02 am
Fri August 19, 2011

Ohio students raise money for famine victims


A group of Ohio college students from Somalia has raised more than $17,000 from door-to-door donations to help Somali victims of the East African famine. 

The students planned to present $17,460 to three charity groups Thursday night after breaking the Ramadan fast in Columbus.

Ohio State student Rowda Olad says students felt they had to do something as they saw how many children are dying.  Olad says the students, from Ohio State and Columbus State Community College, plan to continue fundraising.

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9:01 am
Fri August 19, 2011

The Evangelicals Engaged In Spiritual Warfare

Texas Gov. Rick Perry prays at The Response, his call to prayer for a nation in crisis on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, in Houston. The event was organized, in part, by members of the New Apostolic Reformation.
David J. Phillip AP Photo

An emerging Christian movement, that seeks to take dominion over politics, business and culture, in preparation for the end times and the return of Jesus, is becoming more of a presence in American politics. The leaders are considered apostles and prophets, gifted by God for this role.

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Politics, Election Reform
8:46 am
Fri August 19, 2011

OH election law foes clear hurdle in repeal effort

Opponents of Ohio's elections overhaul have been cleared to move forward with their effort to ask voters to repeal the law.

Among other changes, the law shortens the state's early voting period and bans in-person early voting on Sundays.

The state's top elections official said Thursday that the Fair Elections Ohio group has the 1,000 valid signatures needed to continue with its effort. Attorney General Mike DeWine has also approved the group's summary language of the legislation, which will be used on future petitions.

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Arts & Culture
8:38 am
Fri August 19, 2011

Cincinnati stadium ticket tax may miss fall ballot


A proposal to let voters decide whether to use a ticket tax to pay for operations at riverfront stadiums used by the Cincinnati Bengals and Reds may miss the fall ballot. 

Backers say the sales tax approved by voters to build the stadiums hasn't generated enough money to cover costs.

The Cincinnati Enquirer says Friday that no signatures supporting a vote on the tax have been turned into the county board of elections.

The deadline to put a charter amendment on the November ballot is Sept. 9.

The Two-Way
8:30 am
Fri August 19, 2011

'West Memphis Three' Could Go Free

Three men who were convicted as teenagers in 1993 for the brutal murders of three young boys in West Memphis, Ark., may soon be released from prison.

According to The Commercial Appeal:

"The 'West Memphis Three' could be released as early as today under a pending deal between state prosecutors and defense attorneys, legal sources and relatives of victims said Thursday."

The newspaper adds that:

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Around the Miami Valley
8:21 am
Fri August 19, 2011

Officials in 2 Ohio counties track serial fires


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Officials in two counties in north-central Ohio say they're widening a possible arson investigation after finding evidence of at least 27 suspicious fires since February.  The fires have hit abandoned homes, barns, outbuildings, fields and ditches in Hardin and Union counties.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Friday that county officials says a meeting this week with the state fire marshal's office revealed more suspicious fires than they were originally aware of.

The Two-Way
7:55 am
Fri August 19, 2011

Yabba Dabba 'Doh! Truck Driver Tries To Use His Feet As Brakes

This option would not have occurred to us:

Wednesday evening in Roseville, Mich., a 24-year-old man who apparently knew his pickup truck's brakes weren't working got behind the wheel anyway and tried to drive home.

He attempted, Fred Flintstone-style, to use his feet as brakes.

As you can imagine, things didn't work out very well. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Vehicles were damaged, however. And the police got much of the mayhem on video.

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12:01 am
Fri August 19, 2011

For Debt Panel's Becerra, No Egos While Negotiating

California Rep. Xavier Becerra was one of six Democrats chosen to join six Republicans on a panel tasked with finding a way to cut about $1 trillion from the federal deficit.
Kris Connor Getty Images

As politicians go, California Rep. Xavier Becerra has a relatively low profile considering that he's been in Congress for 18 years. He's the vice chairman of the Democratic Caucus, the former head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the first Latino to serve on the powerful Ways and Means Committee.

When the Democrats had the House majority, Nancy Pelosi appointed him to the new post of assistant to the speaker. And earlier this month, she chose him to join the supercommittee tasked with finding a way to cut $1 trillion from the federal deficit.

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