The first NextUp listening party at Corner Kitchen in Dayton.
Credit Juliet Fromholt / WYSO

We've started a Young Professionals program because we want to meet you. We want to hang out and exchange ideas and smart conversation - whether in cyberspace, over the air, or through events.

We're calling it NextUp. NextUp exists to cultivate the next generation of WYSO listeners, volunteers and members. You're not trapped in the back seat of your parents' car listening to NPR anymore. You're listening now, on your own. You're next.

How Can I Get Involved?

Join us at one of our listening parties where we slow down, unplug (from screens at least!), and listen… together. And better yet they give us a chance to discuss topics important to us millennials (yes we used the M word). If we aren't at the WYSO Studios we are at our favorite local breweries or restaurants. Check out our Facebook group to keep up to date on our latest listening parties and other events or join our mailing list.

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