8:46 am
Mon August 29, 2011

Ohio EPA suggests pollution limits for drilling

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Companies drilling for oil and natural gas in shale formations in Ohio might soon face new air pollution limits.

The new practice of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," in pursuit of gas can require multiple wells on a single site, creating a concentration of equipment that can leak hazardous airborne compounds. An Ohio Environmental Protection Agency spokesman tells The Columbus Dispatch that's causing concern about the pollutants the drilling operations might be releasing into the air.

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8:43 am
Mon August 29, 2011

Ohio teachers skip school to avoid payment penalty

CLEVELAND (AP) - Some Ohio teachers are missing the first days of classes in August to avoid penalties to their retirement payments.

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland reports state law requires full-time teachers who retire and are rehired to forfeit retirement payments for the month if they return less than 60 days after retiring. If an employee works in June, the Ohio's State Teacher Retirement System considers the retirement date to be July.

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10:35 am
Sun August 28, 2011

Serving Women Veterans at the Dayton VA Center

The Dayton VA Center is the third oldest medical center in the VA system. They offer both primary and acute care services. The center is also home to a community living center and several rehabilitation programs. In 2010 the VA Center implemented a comprehensive healthcare program that offers more on-site services to female veterans, and the care they provide reaches anywhere between 1,600 and and 3,000 women.

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4:56 pm
Fri August 26, 2011

PoliticsOhio: Husted Election Directives Spark Debate

Flickr Creative Commons User Thoth188

Emily McCord speaks to Jo Ingles for this week's edition of PoliticsOhio. Secretary of State Jon Husted issued directives this week, telling local boards of elections they are not allowed to send out absentee voter request forms. This comes ahead of a newly passed election reform law that is not effective yet. But some Ohioans want to put that law up for a referendum on the ballot. Ingles reports that they're unhappy with Husted's directives, saying it suppresses the rights of voters, while Husted counters that it's only fair to keep county election rules uniform.

Arts & Culture
4:26 pm
Fri August 26, 2011

'Homegrown' Team To Lead Dayton Art Institute

The Dayton Art Institute’s board of trustees announced today that two Daytonians have been selected to lead the museum. Michael Roediger will be the new executive director. He’s currently the vice president of development at Victoria Theatre Association, where he has been for 13 years. Jane Black will become the museum’s associate director, which is a new position. She’s the executive director of the Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC).

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