Election 2011
11:56 am
Wed November 9, 2011

2011 Election Wrap Up Live Blog

The color guard at a Vote No on Issue 2 celebration
Courtesy of Ohio Public Radio

12:30PM:  Thanks for joining us.  More information and full area results are available here.

12:25PM:  According to Secretary of State Jon Husted's office, voter turnout was high for an off year: 46% of eligible voter turnout.

12:20PM:  The big news out of Clark County is that Voters Approve the Parks Levy. The parks levies were also big news for Clark County last election when they were defeated.

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Election 2011
11:39 am
Wed November 9, 2011

Governor Kasich Reacts to Issue 2 Defeat

In an election watched nationally, labor unions are celebrating one of their biggest victories in decades after turning back an Ohio law that curbed collective bargaining rights for the state's public workers. Issue 2 was defeated last night by a 61 to 39 percent margin.

The law signed in late March by Republican Gov. John Kasich would have banned public employee strikes, scrapped binding arbitration, and denied public workers the ability to negotiate pensions and health care benefits.

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Election 2011
11:36 am
Wed November 9, 2011

Issue 3 Wins in Ohio

While Ohioans overwhelmingly rejected Issue two, the limits on collective bargaining, they overwhelmingly endorsed issue three, the health care constitutional amendment.

Backers of the health care constitutional amendment approved by Ohio voters say its passage shows Ohioans are fed up with mandates.  Jeff Longstreth says the way he sees it, this vote spells problems for Democrats in 2012.

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Election 2011
10:51 am
Wed November 9, 2011

Warren County Race and Levy Results


Race and levy results from Warren County. 



Carlisle Schools Income Tax (0.75% Current Expenses)

No 58% (1,749)

Yes 42% (1,280)



Franklin Twp. Seniors (0.25 Mill Renewal)

Yes 62% (5,155)

No 38% (3,159)


Hamilton Twp. Electric Aggregation

Yes 61% (5,154)

No  39% (3,254)


Lebanon Schools (3.78 Mill Additional)

Yes 51% (6,129)

No 49% (6,000)


Little Miami Schools (13.95 Mill Additional)

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Election 2011
9:42 am
Wed November 9, 2011

Champaign County Election Results

Election Results from Champaign County

Concord Twp. Fire and Ambulance (1 Mill Renewal)
Yes 69% (372 votes)
No 31% (170 votes)

Concord Twp. Roads and Bridges (2.5 Mill Renewal)
Yes 61% (332 votes)
No 39% (211 votes)

Goshen Twp. EMS (2 Mill Replacement)
Yes 58%    (368 votes)
No 42% (266 votes)

Johnson St. Paris Fire District (2.25 Mill Renewal)
Yes 61% (697 votes)
No 39% (442 votes)

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