Myrna Stone reads her poem, "Luz Bones."

The 2016 election season has officially come to a close. In today’s Politics Ohio WYSO’s Jerry Kenney speaks with Secretary of State Jon Husted about fears of voter fraud that never materialized and new developments in voter registration.


Gem City Roller Derby teams Snark Attack and Murder Squad in a pack at the last bout of the year.
Jonny No

Roller derby is not for the faint of heart. It’s a contact sport—players  shove, throw elbows and fall. Here in the Miami Valley the Gem City Roller Derby league holds games all year round. Community Voices producer Kijin Higashibaba went to one and met a player who uses lessons from derby in her life.

Andy Chow

There weren’t any surprises inside the Ohio Statehouse today as the state’s 18 electors have cast their ballots for Republican President-Elect Donald Trump. But it wasn’t a day without controversy.

When the state’s electors arrived for their noon gathering at the Statehouse, they were greeted by about 200 protestors.

They chanted and carried signs, most of them hand-made. And their message was clear – anyone other than President-Elect Donald Trump. Ann Morris of Columbus was one of them.

Ross Griff / Flickr Creative Commons

A recent visit to Serpent Mound in southern Ohio reminded me about the astronomical skills of ancient peoples. At intervals throughout the serpent-shaped structure, the mound builders had constructed sites from which they apparently observed the spring and autumn equinoxes, the winter and summer solstices, the farthest distance of sunrise and moonrise north in the summer, south in the winter.

Joy Schwab reads her poem, "Dancer."

TWA's City of Dayton airplane
Dan Patterson Archives

Over the weekend the Dayton International Airport celebrated its 80th anniversary.  When it opened, it was called Dayton Municipal Airport. And opening day coincided with the anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first fight at Kittyhawk, North Carolina.  It was 1936 – aviation was a burgeoning industry in the US.  Aviation commentator Dan Patterson has the story.

Welcome to WYSO Weekend, WYSO’s weekly radio magazine. On today’s program, WYSO’s occasional arts series, Culture Couch. We’ve got a powerful edition of Dayton Youth Radio and later in the program a tribute to astronaut and former Ohio Senator John Glenn. 

Mary Jo White reads her poem, "Dispatches from the Front Line."

EF Hutton executives stand in front of their new headquarters in downtown Springfield.
Dan Gummel / WYSO

EF Hutton officials say they’ve changed procedures and are cooperating with authorities after the Springfield-based company was targeted by an alleged internet fraud. 

The scam, by a Florida marketing company, allegedly drove fake internet traffic to EF Hutton’s website for several weeks.

CEO Chris Daniels says company IT security personnel discovered the fraud after noticing a suspicious internet activity pattern. He says no customer accounts were compromised and no security systems were jeopardized.