The Ohio Supreme Court is considering the role of the school bus driver for student safety.

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (AP) — Authorities say a senior prank that damaged 24 school buses has led to felony charges against four students in Clark County.

County sheriff's officials say the teens are accused of removing valve stems from tires on buses used by Northwestern Local School District in Springfield. Authorities say the vandalism forced school officials to cancel all classes in the 2,000-student district on Friday. School officials estimate repairs will cost thousands of dollars.

An Ohio lawmaker is working on a bill that would require law enforcement officers throughout the state to wear body cameras. The legislation is coming soon.

Democratic State Rep. Kevin Boyce says 30 other states are considering requiring police officers to wear body cameras and he wants Ohio to be number 31.

“The whole idea is that to better protect our law enforcement officers who work to protect us every day and also to continually find ways to strengthen the integrity of the process where police officers interact with the public,” Boyce said.

Conrad Balliet reads Herbert Martin's poem, "My Mother At The End Of Her Days."

This week, a free screening of the new documentary film, Vanishing Borders will take place at the Madden Hills Library in Dayton. The film gives viewers a look into the lives of four immigrant women living in New York City and transforming their communities. Then after the film, director and producer, Alexandra Hidalgo, will discuss the documentary with author Katrina Kittle and member of the audience. Kittle is a former teacher and mentor of Hidalgo's.

Run-Down Elegance

May 10, 2015
thebackyard / Flickr Creative Commons

This year WYSO and Tecumseh Land Trust sponsored Living on the Land, an essay contest inviting writers of all ages to reflect on what home and land mean to them. Sumayah Chappelle won the grand prize in the middle school category.

She is my backyard. She hopes I will come back and fix her scars, recreate her beauty, or simply stop by and say hello . . . but it’s been a while since I was back there.

History Talk: Violence Against Women

May 9, 2015

Violence against women has a long history in human communities. Yet, we live in a time when people across the planet are beginning to give greater attention to this problem and, at times, to stand against misogynistic violence in all its forms. Recently, the United Nations created the "He for She" campaign, which highlights that violence against women remains a global problem that exists at "alarmingly high levels."

Elizabeth Schmidt reads her poem, "The Secret Is Out."

WPAFB Steps Up Security; Delays Expected

May 8, 2015

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in southwest Ohio says to expect bigger delays at base gates because of added security measures.

The U.S. military has increased the threat level at bases across North America. Officials say the boost will likely mean heightened vigilance and more random bag or vehicle checks.

Base spokesman Daryl Mayer says new measures are meant to increase unpredictability in the base's security. The Wright-Patterson security threat level has been raised from the lowest level, Alpha, to Bravo, the next higher level.

Five Rivers MetroParks

RiverScape MetroPark kicks off its summer season on Friday, and as part of Five Rivers MetroParks, the venue will host a number of music events, festivals, and fitness and health classes.

Sidney Gnann, facility program manager with Five Rivers MetroParks, says the venue is bringing families and the community together.

Researchers from Wright State University’s Boonshoft School of Medicine are part of a new research team that will study craniofacial growth in pediatric patients

The research team will actually study how children’s facial structures grow. The comprehensive study will be the largest of its kind and is eventually expected to provide orthodontists and surgeons with precise diagnostic tools—for children who may simply need braces, or those with severe abnormalities of the face or head caused by birth defects, disease or trauma.