Compressor Stations Open Up New Front in Fracking Debate

Jul 19, 2016
Carroll County resident Barry Booth stands near his home, which is within sight of a natural gas compressor station. He believes emissions from the facility have contributed to his family's health problems.
Joanna Richards

Back in February, 300 people crowded into a school gym in Medina County, Ohio, to lob questions, concerns—and some unvarnished anger—at state environmental regulators. At issue was the siting of a new natural gas compressor station along the planned NEXUS pipeline—a 250-mile transmission line being built to carry gas from Ohio to Chicago,  southeast Michigan and Ontario.

Nicolas Winspeare / Flickr Creative Commons

The year is 200 days old this week. Between the one-hundredth day and the two-hundredth day of the year, the land completes middle spring, passes through late spring and early summer, then enters middle summer. By the two-hundredth day, the cardinals sleep late. Katydids and crickets call in the damp, warm nights. The field corn is tall, the sweet corn and tomatoes are coming in, and the wheat harvest is complete.

Senator Rob Portman Spends First Day of RNC Volunteering

Jul 18, 2016

Senator Rob Portman is in Cleveland this week for the Republican National Convention, but he won't be spending a lot of time inside Quicken Loans Arena.  The Ohio U.S. Senator is spending time volunteering around the city instead.

Portman spent the first official day of the RNC revitalizing 15 homes in Cleveland's Buckeye east-side neighborhood with "Habitat for Humanity for Humanity."

Pokemon GO Primer from Silas Dakota

Jul 18, 2016

  This week, Niki Dakota talks with Excursions’ senior Pokemon correspondent, also known as her son, Silas. Together they bring listeners up to speed on the new Pokemon GO smartphone game that’s become a worldwide sensation.

Jerry Kenney

Just a few weeks ago, Doolittle Raider, David Thatcher passed away at his home in Montana. 


Thatcher was just 20 years old when he flew on the infamous bombing mission that is credited with changing the course of WWII for the Allies.

Fresh vegetable cups prepared for the National School Lunch Program.
U.S. Department of Agriculture / Flickr Creative Commons

About 54-percent of Montgomery County students receive free and reduced-price lunches each school year. But, during the summer, access to a healthy meal can become more difficult.


The Summer Food Service program at Dayton Public Schools has been running since 1968,  according to Director of Nutrition Services, Cathie DeFehr.

“During the summer they don’t have the school to come to,” she said.

Lawyers Keep An Eye On Police During The GOP Convention

Jul 18, 2016
M.L. Schultze

A group of people are showing up at protests around Cleveland in bright green hats and T-shirts. The gear is intended to make it clear who they are and – as importantly – who they are not.

The National Lawyers Guild began observing protests in Cleveland even before the Republican National Convention began. Jacqueline Greene says the reason is to make it clear to both police and protesters that people with a background in constitutional law are watching.

The shirts also include the guild’s hotline number.

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Union Institute and University in Cincinnati has been awarded a $150,000 grant from an anonymous foundation that aims to help veterans earn their college degrees.

The grant will continue to fund living allowance stipends for honorably discharged, Pell Grant-eligible veterans working toward their bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees at the school.

Geri Maples, Union's veterans services coordinator, says education is vital to veterans' transition into the civilian world.

Ohio Governor Cannot Suspend Open Carry Laws During RNC

Jul 18, 2016

The question of suspending Ohio’s open carry gun law in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention came up long before three law enforcement officers were shot to death this weekend in Baton Rouge. Following that incident the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association asked Governor Kasich to suspend the law. 

Kasich’s office responded that the governor does not have the authority to do that.  On Monday, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said that same issue came up during RNC planning earlier this year.

A federal judge is deciding whether a young Ohio man's bond should be revoked as he awaits trial on a charge he tried to rush the stage at a Donald Trump rally.

Judge Sharon Ovington scheduled a hearing Monday afternoon on 22-year-old Thomas DiMassimo's bond. She earlier this month found that he violated conditions she set in March allowing him to be free under his own recognizance.

It wasn't clear what conditions he violated, but she ordered him to be electronically monitored and placed on home detention.