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In the late nineties, I participated in a large-group workshop where participants organized themselves in space according to a series of prompts. One was, “With what race do you identify?”

  The Asians and African-Americans immediately clustered. I was one of five that quickly formed a “white/Caucasian” subgroup. About 25 other people who appeared to be white wandered around for a long time in confusion, trying to decide where to put themselves. Several argued that they “identified” with many or all of the groups.

Maxine Skuba reads her poem, "The Lifeguard."

A Bellefontaine, Ohio woman accused of killing her three sons over a 13-month period out of jealousy at the attention her husband paid them has been indicted on aggravated murder charges and could face the death penalty.

Aggravated murder charges against Brittany Pilkington were announced Tuesday by the Logan County prosecutor.

BP Restarts Part Of Indiana Oil Refinery After Repairs

Aug 25, 2015
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BP says it has restarted a portion of a large Indiana oil refinery whose unplanned shutdown for repairs caused gasoline prices in the region to spike earlier this month.

BP issued a news release Tuesday saying it has safely restarted a large crude distillation unit at its refinery in Whiting, 15 miles southeast of Chicago, which had been shut down since Aug. 8 for unscheduled repair work.

BP says the restart of the unit is increasing the refinery's fuel production, with output ramping up over time.

ResponsibleOhio First Pro-Pot Ad Focuses On Crime

Aug 25, 2015

The first television ad in favor of Issue 3, which would legalize marijuana in Ohio, is now airing on broadcast and cable networks. Its message focuses on crime.

ResponsibleOhio’s first ad says the state spends more than $100 million a year to enforce marijuana prohibition and claims that effort is failing.

The ad features Howard Rahtz, a retired Cincinnati police captain, who says marijuana reform would allow law enforcement to focus on—how he puts it—“real criminals.”

Study Says Students' Race Changes Teacher Expectations

Aug 25, 2015
Arise Academy in Dayton is now closed, and former leaders of the school have been convicted of federal crimes.
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Race does matter, according to a new study measuring high school teachers’ expectations for black students.

A new study involving 16,000 high school teachers around the country finds black teachers are more optimistic about black students than white teachers are. Researchers at American University and Johns Hopkins would pick a 10th grader and then ask two of his teachers, one white and one black, about how far they thought the student would go in school.

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I was pursuing the American dream, but suddenly, I felt hopeless, recognizing that despite my intelligence, hard work, and loving heart, I could be tossed away like garbage because of my race.

Ohio Student Hit By Lightning On Campus, Plans To Graduate

Aug 24, 2015

A college student who was struck by lightning last spring has returned to campus in southwestern Ohio with a new outlook on life.
Sean Ferguson of Pittsburgh is expecting to graduate in December from the University of Dayton.
He was walking home in Dayton in April when he was struck by lightning.  The university says he suffered a broken jaw and burns to more than 35 percent of his body.
Ferguson says he still feels the sensation of pins and needles from his knees to his toes. He had to go through physical therapy to relearn how to walk.

In this edition of WYSO Weekend, the home of YSO produced news and features: The Dwight Anderson Story comes to the Kroc Center in Dayton this week. Anderson was considered a high school basketball phenomenon at Roth in the 1970’s. He went on to the NBA and then almost lost it all.  We’ll find out how technology is helping students with disabilities, and the new challenges it brings them. And where does your recycling go?  We’ll answer that question and more in our program.

A Republican group is coming to Ohio this week, just days after a conservative group’s national conference left.

The national Republican political action committee GOPAC will host its state legislative leaders’ summit in Columbus this week, bringing in state senate presidents, house speakers, and elected leaders from around the country.