The Ohio State University en Sinclair To Partner With Ohio State On Drone Programs <p><span style="font-family: Verdana; font-size: 16px; white-space: pre-wrap; line-height: 1.15;">Sinclair Community College in Dayton has announced a partnership with Ohio State University on its unmanned aerial system (UAS) or drone program.</span></p> Mon, 07 Jul 2014 17:36:06 +0000 Lewis Wallace 52420 at Sinclair To Partner With Ohio State On Drone Programs Group Claims First JobsOhio President Cashing In On Ohio Connections <p>A group critical of JobsOhio says the California native brought in to be its first president may have used that position to set himself up for a big payday later.</p><p>The liberal group Progress Ohio has been trying to find out about the deals Mark Kvamme has been striking with his firm Drive Capital since leaving JobsOhio. Progress Ohio’s Brian Rothenberg says based on a similar proposed deal with one of the state’s pension funds, Kvamme could net $9 million in fees, half a million in expenses and 20% of future profits from The Ohio State University’s investment in his company.</p> Tue, 10 Dec 2013 13:35:00 +0000 Karen Kasler (Ohio Public Radio) 43186 at Interim OSU President Says He Doesn’t Have To Do Damage Control For Gee <p>The interim president of Ohio State University says he has work to do to push the OSU brand across the country internationally, but he says he doesn’t feel damage control is part of that. Joe Alutto is taking over for Gordon Gee, who retired earlier this summer after a controversy over a series of headline-making verbal gaffes. Alutto says he doesn’t think he has to repair any burned bridges as he moves into Gee’s office.</p> Thu, 15 Aug 2013 12:04:00 +0000 Karen Kasler (Ohio Public Radio) 37796 at OSU To Participate in Autism Drug Study <p>Ohio State University is participating in a large clinical research program to determine if an Alzheimer's disease medication can be used to treat children with autism.&nbsp; The Columbus Dispatch reports that children with autism from central Ohio can enroll in the program at OSU's Nisonger Center.&nbsp; The study is evaluating social interaction and communication among autistic children.</p> Mon, 24 Dec 2012 21:06:00 +0000 Associated Press 26828 at WYSO Weekend: June 3, 2012 <p>Full episode of WYSO Weekend for June 3, 2012 containing the following stories:</p><p>-Jerry Kenney interviews <span class="st">Joshua Fields Millburn &amp; Ryan Nicodemus</span>, authors of <em>The Minimalists</em></p><p>-<a href="">New Ohio Guide: Where North Meets South</a>, by <span class="submitted">San Hendren </span></p><p><span class="submitted">-WYSO&#39;s Miller Fellow </span>Jennifer Carlson has a sound portrait of a book release party at Mills Lawn Elementary in Yellow Springs</p> Mon, 04 Jun 2012 15:25:54 +0000 Jerry Kenney 17054 at