Martin Luther King Jr. en What's Great in Dayton: January 13 - 19, 2012 <p>This whole weekend is the <a href="">Muse Machine&rsquo;s</a> musical The Wizard of OZ.This show has all star kids all over the region with true professional Broadway coaches . They&rsquo;re doing a superb show at the Victoria.<br /><br />And at the Schuster there are Three Phantoms in Concert. These guys have all been leading tenors in that famous show and they will be doing all kind of Broadway tunes.&nbsp; Check it out <a href=""></a><br /> Fri, 13 Jan 2012 17:35:00 +0000 Charlie Campbell 9909 at What's Great in Dayton: January 13 - 19, 2012 Ohio Girl Scout Troop Honored For Pillow Project <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A Girl Scout troop that provides pillows and pillow cases to a northeast Ohio homeless shelter is among five recipients of state awards given in memory of Martin Luther King Jr.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Scouts in Troop 397 in Lake Milton say their annual donation to a Youngstown shelter was inspired by King&#39;s &quot;I Have a Dream&quot; speech. The girls reasoned that in order to have a dream, a person needs a pillow.</p> Fri, 13 Jan 2012 16:30:32 +0000 Associated Press 9957 at