Marcellus Shale en Marcellus Gas Production and Recycling Rise <p>Production of Marcellus Shale natural gas in Pennsylvania rose again in the second half of 2011, slightly<br />exceeding projections.</p><p>The state reported Friday that drillers produced the equivalent of 1.66 billion cubic feet of gas per day from July to December.</p><p>That&#39;s up from about 1.19 billion cubic feet per day in the previous six months.</p><p>That translates into a yearly average of about 1.42 billion cubic feet per day. That&#39;s up slightly from previous industry projections of 1.3 billion for 2011.</p> Fri, 17 Feb 2012 15:27:37 +0000 Associated Press 11633 at Marcellus Gas Production and Recycling Rise Drillers Cut Natural Gas Production as Prices Drop <p>As natural gas prices continue to drop, the recent nationwide boom in drilling is slowing.</p><p>Several companies have said in recent weeks they plan to cut back production, but experts say the low prices are also opening up new markets.</p><p>Kathryn Klaber, president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, says there will be fewer natural gas wells drilled in 2012.</p><p>Yet Klaber says that even as drillers are pressured by low prices, the cost creates opportunities for more people and industries to use the product.</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Mon, 13 Feb 2012 13:36:51 +0000 Associated Press 11376 at Ohio opponents to seek moratorium on gas drilling <p>COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Ohio is the latest state where opponents are pushing a ban on a form of drilling that injects chemicals into shale to release natural gas.</p><p>Democratic state Sen. Michael Skindell of suburban Cleveland introduced a bill Tuesday calling for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, or &quot;fracking,&quot; to await results of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study of potential environmental hazards.</p> Wed, 07 Sep 2011 11:29:07 +0000 Associated Press 3991 at Ohio opponents to seek moratorium on gas drilling US to cut estimate of Marcellus Shale gas reserves <p><span lang="EN">WASHINGTON (AP) - The Energy Department says it will reduce its </span><span lang="EN">estimate of undiscovered natural gas in New York, Pennsylvania and </span><span lang="EN">other states following a new report by the U.S. Geological Survey.</span></p> Fri, 26 Aug 2011 12:45:34 +0000 Associated Press 3579 at US to cut estimate of Marcellus Shale gas reserves