Tim Riordan http://wyso.org en State Budget Brings Welcome News For City Of Dayton http://wyso.org/post/state-budget-brings-welcome-news-city-dayton <p>Local officials are breathing a sigh of relief today after Governor Kasich released his budget proposal for the next two years. As Emily McCord reports, cities aren’t facing the kind of cuts they did in the past, and may even see some modest growth.</p><p> Tue, 05 Feb 2013 20:14:42 +0000 Emily McCord 28595 at http://wyso.org Greater Downtown Dayton Plan Unveiled http://wyso.org/post/greater-downtown-dayton-plan-unveiled <p><span class="article-content"><span>The Greater Downtown Dayton Plan was unveiled yesterday. It expands the area traditionally thought of as downtown in an effort to create a larger more sustainable community.<br /><br />Mike Ervin says that making downtown Dayton larger just makes sense.<br /><br />&quot;Downtown is a much bigger place extending down to the Oakwood border and the University of Dayton to Miami Valley hospital and a number of neighborhoods, spilling across the river and down alongside it. That&#39;s really our downtown when you think about,&quot; says Ervin.<br /> Wed, 19 May 2010 20:36:35 +0000 Juliet Fromholt 3207 at http://wyso.org