Free Shakespeare en Shakespeare For Life Giving Back With Words <p>Modeled on the popular Relay for Life fundraiser, Shakespeare for Life uses the works of the Bard to give back to those in need.&nbsp; It's a week-long, marathon reading of Shakespeare's plays culminating in a closing ceremony that honors the memory of loved ones lost to cancer.&nbsp; Free Shakespeare's Chris Shea spoke with Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt about how people can get involved in this signature event and what's coming up this summer from Free Shakespeare.&nbsp;</p><p> Shakespeare for Life kicks off on April 26th and runs through May 3rd at the Dayton Visual Arts Center.</p> Thu, 25 Apr 2013 16:08:29 +0000 Juliet Fromholt 32835 at Shakespeare For Life Giving Back With Words Rev Cool's 30th Anniversary: an Around the Fringe Special <p>On February 10, 2012, Rev Cool celebrated 30 years on the air at WYSO during a special edition of Around the Fringe.&nbsp; Rev was joined in the studio by Andy Valeri, Niki Dakota and a numerous local musicians.&nbsp; Throughout the evening longtime listeners and friends called in with their memories and well-wishes and Dayton&#39;s Free Shakespeare company was on-hand for dramatic readings of email memories.</p><p>All 4 hours of this special show are available to stream.</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Fri, 17 Feb 2012 22:52:24 +0000 Rev Cool 11671 at Rev Cool's 30th Anniversary: an Around the Fringe Special WYSO Weekend: July 24, 2011 <p>Full episode of WYSO Weekend for July 24th, 2011 containing the following stories:</p><p>-Luke Dennis&#39; <a href="">Community Voices</a> story about Charlie Campbell</p><p>-<a href="">Free Shakespeare Prepares for A Midsummer Performance</a> by Jerry Kenney</p><p>-<a href="">Poor Will&#39;s Almanack: July 19 - 25, 2011</a> by Bill Felker</p> Mon, 25 Jul 2011 14:30:00 +0000 Jerry Kenney 3294 at Free Shakespeare Prepares for A Midsummer Performance <p>Free Shakespeare is back in action this summer. They hit a variety of stages last summer and were well received. So they&#39;re doing it again with performances at the Yellow Springs Antioch Amphitheater, Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark in July, and in August they&#39;ll perform at Newcom Founders Park and at the University of Dayton&#39;s ArtStreet.</p> Sun, 24 Jul 2011 14:35:00 +0000 Jerry Kenney 2652 at Free Shakespeare Prepares for A Midsummer Performance Tough Times Call for Free Shakespeare <p><span class="article-content"><span>Until recently, actor Chris Shea spent 5 years on the west coast training with various theatre companies. He was inspired by what he learned there and came to Dayton to expand on the experience. It started with an idea.<br /><br />Shea says, &quot;Tailgate theatre was what I called the concept. People get really excited about sports events and I would love us to get to the point where people get that excited about the Arts.&quot;<br /> Thu, 15 Jul 2010 20:51:25 +0000 Jerry Kenney 3145 at