Floyd Flake http://wyso.org en Hardaway Resigns as President of Wilberforce University http://wyso.org/post/hardaway-resigns-president-wilberforce-university <p>Wilberforce University President Patricia Hardaway is stepping down from her post at the end of this year. Hardaway informed the university's Board of Trustees that she will will resign effectively on December 31.</p><p>Hardaway became the 19th President of Wilberforce and only the second woman to hold the job. She is also a&nbsp; Wilberforce alumna, who had worked at various positions at the university.</p><p>Hardaway was appointed after Floyd Flake resigned whose tenure had been controversial at the university. But her time as president has also had problems.</p> Wed, 17 Jul 2013 21:39:31 +0000 Wayne Baker 36363 at http://wyso.org