Dr. Charles Wash http://wyso.org en Founding Director of Afro-American Museum Shares His Story http://wyso.org/post/founding-director-afro-american-museum-shares-his-story <p>Dr. John Fleming was the founding director of the Afro-American Museum in Wilberforce. The museum opened its doors in 1988. He was saddened to see it close in August of 2011. For awhile the future of it was uncertain, but it re-opened recently thanks in part to funding from the state.<br><br>It did not make Fleming happy to see the museum close because of mold problems. And now he feels the museum staff, led by current Director Dr. Charles Wash, needs to think about its future and what it will take to keep it going.<br> Mon, 04 Feb 2013 21:22:49 +0000 Wayne Baker 28543 at http://wyso.org