Elections http://wyso.org en Miami Valley School Districts Seek Levy Funding on November Ballots http://wyso.org/post/miami-valley-school-districts-seek-levy-funding-november-ballots <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">School levies are among the biggest issues on the ballot in the upcoming November 5, 2013 election. Ohio schools depend on these levies as an essential funding stream, and many are facing new or additional levies that can be difficult to pass.</span></p><p></p><p>Money for Ohio’s public schools comes from three sources: federal funds, state funds, and local tax levies.</p><p></p> Wed, 23 Oct 2013 10:23:37 +0000 Lewis Wallace 40995 at http://wyso.org Miami Valley School Districts Seek Levy Funding on November Ballots Few Voters Make Big Decisions in Off-year and Special Elections. http://wyso.org/post/few-voters-make-big-decisions-year-and-special-elections <p>The results from Tuesday’s special election in Ohio are still unofficial as provisional and absentee ballots continue to be counted, and though it varies from precinct to precinct, and county to county, voter turnout overall was expectedly low.</p><p>Voters in 23 Ohio counties decided on 28 issues. 19 of those were school tax levies. But no matter if an issue passed or failed, it was still decided on by a&nbsp;reletively&nbsp;few number of people who had the ability to participate in the decision making process.</p> Fri, 09 Aug 2013 03:51:06 +0000 Jerry Kenney 37454 at http://wyso.org Secretary of State Makes Changes to Website to Make It More User Friendly http://wyso.org/post/secretary-state-makes-changes-website-make-it-more-user-friendly <p><em>The Ohio Secretary of State has made changes to the office’s website designed to make it easier for Ohio voters to update and check on their voting status. In an interview with Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted talks about the upgrades to the office’s internet site.</em> Mon, 25 Mar 2013 11:04:00 +0000 Jo Ingles (Ohio Public Radio) 30781 at http://wyso.org Ohio Elections Chief Breaks Tie Over Ballot Count http://wyso.org/post/ohio-elections-chief-breaks-tie-over-ballot-count <p>Ohio&#39;s elections chief has sided with fellow members of the Republican party in breaking a tie vote over counting ballots in a disputed 2010 juvenile court election.</p><p>Secretary of State Jon Husted on Tuesday agreed that the Hamilton County Board of Elections in southwest Ohio should appeal a Feb. 8 court order requiring it to count hundreds of provisional ballots.</p><p>The Republican in the race holds a 23-vote lead over the Democrat, and the board&#39;s Democrats want the disputed votes tallied. The board&#39;s two Republicans say the ballots aren&#39;t eligible.</p> Wed, 22 Feb 2012 15:12:54 +0000 Associated Press 11850 at http://wyso.org Democrats Urge Sec. of State to Quit Fighting Over Provisional Ballots http://wyso.org/post/democrats-urge-sec-state-quit-fighting-over-provisional-ballots <p>There&rsquo;s a problem commonly known as right church, wrong pew.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s when a voter goes to the right polling place but ends up casting a ballot in the wrong precinct.&nbsp; Thu, 16 Feb 2012 22:52:35 +0000 Jo Ingles (Ohio Public Radio) 11604 at http://wyso.org