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  • Springboro Dorothy Lane Market Community Room
  • 740 N Main Street
  • Springboro, OH 45066

Event Description

Find your happy place!

How happy are you right now? Are you struggling with the current events? Feeling fatigue from the constant barrage of bad news and the energy it takes to resist? Would you like to feel more positive (without giving up your awareness or fight)? Your happiness is not a frivolous, expendable luxury. The Pursuit of Happiness is one of our inalienable rights and---along with its first cousin, Gratitude--is a powerful tool that can lead to improvements in your immune system, relationships, sleep, decision-making, creativity, and productivity...plus it’s FUN. The problem is, too few of us pursue it. You can make your own personal happiness a priority no matter what else is happening in the world--you don't have to be in denial, but you also don't have to deprive yourself. Pursuing happiness is part of self-care. If you have just two hours on a Tuesday evening to commit to yourself, grab a coffee, a glass of wine, some sushi or salad (anything you want from DLM or nothing at all) and join novelist/teacher/speaker Katrina Kittle to talk about happiness, ways to get happiness, how much happiness effects every part of our lives, and most importantly: how we deserve it. This will NOT be one of those stressful “57 Habits of Very Furiously Happy People” that leaves you more stressed out and gives you more work to add to your already overloaded schedule. This fun, informal workshop combines story-telling, exercises, and plenty of brainstorming, interaction, and sharing to help you chase joy.

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