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Members of the St. Louis-based Pono AM joined Niki Dakota live in the studio ahead of their performance at new Dayton venue The Hive.  The show will actually be the first appearance for Pono AM's lineup; the band talked about this and more on their Excursions appearance.

Pono AM will perform at the Hive on Wayne Avenue in downtown Dayton on Saturday, November 5th.

Comics Have Come a Long Way Since Blondie and Dagwood

Nov 4, 2016

Say the word cartoonist and most of us picture someone like Charles Schulz or Garry Trudeau drawing on one of those slanted tables. Those working in the comic arts today have options far beyond pen and ink, but while some cartoonists have fully embraced digital technologies, others have faithfully remained traditional. Community Voices producer Will Davis introduces us to two local artists with very different styles.

Conrad Balliet reads Ed Davis' poem, "A Place on Earth."

Freakquency made their WYSO debut with a live set on Kaleidoscope.  The band talked about their formation, writing, recording and more.

Learn more about Freakquency's upcoming EP and tour here:

This Saturday, director John Cameron Mitchell will appear at the Neon in Dayton for a special screening of his film Short Bus.  Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt spoke with Johnathan McNeal from the Neon about the event, which will include live director's commentary from Mitchell.

Short Bus will screen at the Neon with live director's commentary on Saturday, November 5th.  More information here:

Hosted by the RPG Academy Podcast, AcadeCon is a celebration of tabletop gaming, the people who create the games and the people who enjoy them.  Podcaster and event organizer Michael Ross joined Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt in the studio to talk about the event and being an ambassador for the hobby.

AcadeCon 2016 is November 11-13th at the Dayton Convention Center.  More information at:

When Harry Haskell was a boy he had heard about the letters. Harry's grandfather was also named Harry Haskell and he had received the letters from the woman who would become his second wife. She was Katharine Wright-they were love letters she had written to Harry Haskell's grandfather. Harry's sisters told him he probably would not be interested in what they considered to be mushy letters. He didn't read them until he was an adult.

Rita Coleman reads her poem, "In Praise of Children Who Don't Listen."

Torrey Pines is a both stop-motion animated film and a live theatrical experience.  Director Clyde Petersen spoke with Kaleidoscope host Juliet Fromholt about creating the film and the theatre piece and bringing it to communities around the country.

Torrey Pines will screen at the Neon in downtown Dayton with live musical accompaniment on Tuesday, November 1st.  More info at:

Cricketbows returned the WYSO studios head of their first show at Peach's Grill in Yellow Springs.  The band performed live on the Halloween edition of Kaleidoscope and talked with host Juliet Fromholt about the upcoming show, new recordings and more.

Cricketbows will perform at Peach's Grill in Yellow Springs on Friday, November 4th with Lord Kimbo.