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The first piece of bipartisan legislation to come out of Gov. John Kasich’s task force on police action and community relations is out.  This first bill would require law enforcement agencies to come up with written policies on how fatal officer-involved shootings will be handled, and provides for outside officers to investigate those shootings.


Rep. Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) pointed to the recommendations of the task force created after the deaths of John Crawford of Dayton and Tamir Rice in Cleveland last year.


Ivo Komsic speaking in Sarajevo in April 2015
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On Wednesday, officials held the first of a series of events commemorating the Dayton Peace Accords 20th Anniversary.

Officials say an online video-training program for people who interact with autistic individuals is now being used in Ohio.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the state-funded project is believed to be one of the first of its kind in the nation.

An official with the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence says the program began Wednesday to help families, agency workers and others gain skills needed to support children and young adults with autism.

Former Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland
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Former Ohio Gov. and Senate candidate Ted Strickland says he supports a short-term pause in accepting Syrian refugees to the U.S. as national security experts review the program.
In a campaign statement provided in response to a request Tuesday, the Democrat said it's clear there are "deep concerns" about whether the current vetting process is sufficient to protect individual and national security. He said those are best handled by "Homeland and National Security leadership."

Antioch College Names New President

Nov 18, 2015

On Wednesday, Antioch College announced that Dr. Thomas “Tom” Manley will serve as the school's president beginning in March 2016.

From The Air Force To Ice Cream: One Year Later

Nov 18, 2015
Jordan Freshour

Our Veterans’ Voices series continues today with a follow-up to a story from our first season. Bobby Walker was involuntarily separated from the Air Force, and so he decided to pursue a dream and start a business. If you’ve been to an outdoor festival or fair in the Miami Valley this year, you may have seen the fruits of Bobby’s labor. Army veteran, and Wright State University student, Anne Moore of Miamisburg has the story.

Judy Johnson reads her poem, "The Future of Writing."

A bill that seeks to divert more than $1 million in government funding away from Planned Parenthood has cleared the Ohio House.

Backers say the proposal targets grants Planned Parenthood receives through Ohio's health department. The public dollars - mostly federal money - support initiatives including HIV testing, breast and cervical cancer screenings and prevention of violence against women.

The Republican-dominated Ohio House is urging President Barack Obama to halt the settlement of Syrian refugees in Ohio and the U.S., citing safety concerns.

The GOP leadership brought a resolution up for a vote Tuesday, the same day it was introduced. It passed 63-24.

No hearings were held on the largely symbolic measure, which comes in the aftermath of coordinated attacks in Paris. Some Democrats called the legislation short-sighted.

November rain on window
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After almost six weeks of energy and planning, which is my typical response to the close of summer, my mood is quickly changing. It could be the rain and the cold outside my window.

Along with a shift in emotional priorities, I experience twinges of guilt and frustration. What about the projects outlined in early fall? What about the excitement of getting ready for winter. What about the sense of purpose that I had just a short time ago.