The U.S. Senate race between incumbent Rob Portman and Former Governor Ted Strickland is one of the most closely watched in the country. WYSO’s April Laissle sat down with Wright State University political science professor Dr. Lee Hannah to talk about how the race has played out so far and what to expect next.

Dayton City Officals Propose Tax Hike

Jun 24, 2016

The City of Dayton is considering raising taxes. They announced plans yesterday to put a new quarter percent income tax hike on this fall’s ballot.  

City officials say they’re trying to make up for a projected $3.4 million budget shortfall, due in part to state cuts.

They plan to use the extra money to hire 22 new police officers and increase the budget for paving and repairing roads. The new revenue will also fund high-quality preschool education for every child in the city.

Congratulations! You've written your book, and you've decided you would like to publish it yourself. At the Rosewood Center tomorrow, Saturday, they are providing a class all about author-publishing. They will also discuss various sales and promotional strategies that can help your book find its audience.

House Democrats staged a sit-in Wednesday night in support of a gun control bill they wanted Congress to vote on before their summer break.

The Democrat backed bill would have stopped anyone on the U.S. No Fly List from buying firearms and require universal background checks. It would have also extended the 3-day waiting period if background checks weren’t completed in time, and required the Centers for Disease Control to study gun violence as a public health concern.

Maxine Skuba reads her poem, "Mary."

Dayton Power & Light

Severe storms knocked down trees and power lines in parts of southwestern and central Ohio, causing thousands of power outages as rain produced some flooding in low-lying areas.  

An anthropologist from Indiana travels to Utah to do some research. Shortly after he arrives he is abducted by a cult that has forged their own secret society in a ghost town. This researcher, his name is Norman, then becomes a member of this group that resides in the ruins of a place they call Jacobyville.

Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse

This week on Excursions, a live performance from the young, talented stars of the new Yellow Springs Kids’ Playhouse production Alice, Although. Niki Dakota also sits down with the production’s director, AnnMarie Saunders, and Ara Beal, artistic director of YSKP.

Community Calendar Spotlight on the 11th Annual Miami Valley Rail Fest

Jun 23, 2016

The Carillon Park Rail and Steam Society builds and operates a ridable 7 1/2 gauge railroad within the park. The railroad represents a smaller version of historical, steam, electric and diesel locomotives which have been pulling family members around the park since 1985.

Lori Gravley reads summer haiku by Anna Cates.