Cathy Essinger reads her poem, "For My Cat Boo."

An Ohio man accused of trying to send money to an al-Qaida leader will be allowed to leave jail once his family posts bond.
A U.S. magistrate set bond at $500,000 for Sultane Roome Salim over the objections of federal prosecutors.
The Columbus man is one of four people with Ohio ties charged with working together to send money to a known al Qaida leader before he was killed in a drone strike.
His lawyer has disputed the charges.

wright-patterson air force base gates
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Officials at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base say a man ignored guards' instructions to stop at a security gate, prompting evacuations, but that Ohio's largest military base has been determined safe.

Daryl Mayer, spokesman for the base near Dayton, says the man drove through the gate area around 9:40 a.m. Tuesday. A base statement says security personnel pursued the driver and located the vehicle parked outside a building. They then cordoned off the area around the vehicle and evacuated some nearby buildings.

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A new report from the University of Cincinnati estimates Ohioans will be spending 4.2% more this holiday season than last.


U.C. economist Michael Jones says there are several reasons why the shopping season forecast is expected to be $600 million more than last year.


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Sky clear: 55 degrees: Walking slowly through the wetlands, the ground green with chickweed and garlic mustard. You see the squat spears of skunk cabbage a hand high but not open, Moss is long, often gilded with bloom, on stumps and fallen branches. Red berries shine in the barberry. The river is blue from the sky, and sunlight flashes on the water.

Elizabeth Schmidt reads her poem, "Grandmother's Funeral."


A new study shows Ohio as a national leader in diverting juveniles to lower-cost community programs instead of prison.

The national study by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention shows the number of young people in Ohio sent to prison dropped 80 percent from 1997 to 2013. Figures show the national average of juvenile incarceration rates for that time dropped 55 percent.

A local non-profit is putting out a call for help in the way of donations.  Hanna’s Treasure Chest in Centerville helps families and children in need by supplying gently used care packages of clothing, toys, books, and games.

They serve as a donation collection site and then work with social service agencies in Montgomery, Butler, Greene and Warren Counties to distribute the goods to needy families in those areas.

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One Year Later, Park Where Tamir Rice Was Killed Still A Site Of Mourning

Nov 20, 2015
The clock tower at Cudell has long been a symbol for the neighborhood. Tamir Rice
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A memorial gathering is planned this weekend for Tamir Rice at Cudell Park, on Cleveland’s west side.  The site where the 12-year-old was shot by a rookie police officer a year ago has become a touchstone for many people in Northeast Ohio, and across the country. But this park has long been a special place for the people who live in the neighborhood.

“A beautiful place to be”